St Michael's Youth Project

Registered Charity Number: 1144390



Coming to a St Michael & All Angels Near You!!!
Dear Friends,

St Michael's Youth Project was formed in 1996. The mission of its flagship St Michael & All Angels Steel Orchestra (SMA3SO) is to educate and inspire young musicians through exceptional ensemble training and performance opportunities and to present an international platform for dynamic young musicians who can find their niche as individuals and become a brand in their own right and to bring communities together through music.

Each year at SMA3SO we watch our students grow into more than excellent musicians –they become excellent people. This year, we proudly welcomed nearly 100 young musicians into our orchestras, and our teachers, mentors and advocates made a deep investment in each one of them.

We believe in the transformative power of classical, worship and world music to positively impact a child’s life because we witness it happen every day. We hear the incredible artistry of our young musicians in the music they play, we see them become more confident in their abilities and talents and we are inspired by their ingenuity and achievements.

Over the next five years St Michael & All Angels Steel Orchestra propose to visit every St Michael & All Angels church in the UK. This is something our children and young people have said they want to do and would welcome the opportunity to meet the congregations and local communities around the UK and share our love of music wherever we go. So if you have a special event or you would be happy for us to visit, do get in touch and let us know (even if you are not a St Michael & All Angels Church).