St Michael's Youth Project

Registered Charity Number: 1144390

Mission and Aims

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Mission Statement

To educate and inspire young musicians through exceptional ensemble training and performance opportunities.

Core Values

  • We value the excellence of our teaching and mentoring
  • We promote lifelong learning and encourage personal development, creativity, self-discipline, and working well with others.
  • No one is to be excluded on the basis of ability to pay.
  • We aspire to a culture of fairness and mutual respect.
  • We expect a strong commitment from all members of the SMYP community - musicians, teachers, staff, and Trustees.
  • We value the special relationship between our musicians and their audiences.
  • We strive to be an inclusive organization promoting civic engagement and reflecting the diversity of, and actively reaching out to, the greater London metropolitan community.
  • We value performances at St Michael & All Angels, Stonebridge and in other prominent venues.

Aims of SMYP London

  • To raise the self esteem and self worth of young people through taking an active part in the programmes run at St Michaels Youth Project (and its partner organisations).
  • For young people to recognise that they can achieve, regardless of the social environment they are in. For young people to be trained and supported in the creation of an inner environment that is positive, at peace, is high in self esteem and self worth and is demonstrated through their motivation, self belief, practice and aspirations for self and the community to be successful and to be able to recognise opportunities and have the confidence, knowledge and skills to take advantage of them.
  • To support young people in being part of the solution to societal problems, by showing them that even their smallest actions can make a difference in the lives of others and that a small group of committed young people can make a difference in the world, starting with where they live.
  • To enhance the conditions of life and improve the life-chances of young people through education and training in an environment that is safe. To create an environment for young people to come together, to develop and learn in an environment that is safe, underpinned with discipline, courtesy and respect and where being successful and achieving is not the exception, but the norm, so that our young people become ambassadors of good practice, sound values and community cohesion.