St Michael's Youth Project

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St Michael & All Angels Steel Orchestra


St Michael & All Angels Steel Orchestra is based in North West London. The band performs at events, festivals and concerts across Britain and Europe. Benefitting from superb musical leadership and professional level attitude, it is indeed something special; The band has played at St Pauls Cathedral, The Houses of Parliament, and Wembley Stadium, the Caribbean and regularly performs at festivals, concerts, corporate events, weddings, private parties and schools.

St Michael & All Angels Steel Orchestra is considered to be amongst the best steel bands in Europe and performs regularly in the UK and internationally. St Michael & All Angels is also a household name amongst the black community in London and the South-East and rewarded for its valuable community work. The Orchestra has a very good track record of successful partner schemes from previous years. 

Partnering with the Orchestra will give you the opportunity to associate your brand with all that is best about what is arguably the most multi-cultural borough in the world, as well as black Britain and its links with the Caribbean and Africa. You will also have the opportunity to have your brand exposed to thousands of spectators around the world – in venues and events which might not be accessible otherwise. In total The Orchestra and ensembles has undertaken up to 100 performances a year and tens of thousands of consumers see St Michael & All Angels Steel Orchestra perform throughout the year.

The Orchestra annually takes part in the Notting Hill Carnival – one of the world’s biggest street carnivals. The carnival attracts up to two million people who all enjoy the multi-cultural atmosphere and the different cultural disciplines. The carnival is also a major tourist attraction. The Orchestra usually has a decorative carnival float which also carries banners. St Michael & All Angels Steel Orchestra’s annual participation in Carnival is viewed and enjoyed by the hundreds of thousands of people who line the Carnival route. 

St Michael & All Angels Steel Orchestra enjoys a wide media coverage, which will give you further exposure to your brand in a positive way. Over the past three years, it is the only steel ensemble to have been seen on the national & regional news both BBC & ITV during Notting Hill Carnival.The Orchestra in performance is as sophisticated as it is exuberant, playing classical music and opera as well as Popular, Reggae and Soca music, so it is not surprising that it gains a lot of media attention. But part of the reason for the Orchestras high media profile is that it is also media smart: always able to meet deadlines, it enjoys lasting relationships with journalists and producers in local, national and international press, online publications, radio and television. 

Aside from its musical accomplishments St Michaels Youth Project is the umbrella organisation that delivers a variety of activities for all children and young people particularly those from the Afro-Caribbean community. Sponsorship allows St Michael’s Youth Project to extend its artistic work and develop its rewarded community programmes. St Michael & All Angels Steel Orchestra has a very strong community profile in Brent and surrounding boroughs due to its Steel Pan in the Community Programme. Here young people volunteer their time, play music and befriend people with disabilities and older people at residential care homes, day centres hospices and hospitals. 

St Michaels can provide a wide range of benefits for its partners, ranging from media coverage to branding. If you would like to partner with St Michaels, please contact: Co-ordinator Patrick McKay via the 'contact us' page.